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Canine Accommodations


We are open for pick-up and drop-off seven days a week from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM. We are closed on major holidays.


We have several options and prices to choose from. For all of our guests, we provide bedding and fresh water throughout the day.  We prefer that you bring your own food and feeding instructions in the best interest of your pet's digestive health.  However, we can provide food as well.  You are welcome to bring bedding and toys however we encourage you to leave the best supplies at home as sometimes we need to wash the bedding and toys and this can leave them in a deminished state.


We strive for four visits to the play yard for all of our guests everyday (guaranteed three).  Social dogs are placed in playgroups. We charge by the night so there are no partial day charges. Pick-up when you want during our pick-up hours. An additional $8 per run, per night charge will apply during Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday seasons. An additional $5  per run goes into effect Memorial Day weekend until  Labor Day.  Rates are for the first 13 nights. $1-2 discount per night goes into effect after 13 nights.


SUITES -Luxurious fully enclosed indoor/ outdoor runs measure 6' x 14' with solid walls and private yards. Floors are heated. An elevated Kuranda bed is available. These runs are for large dogs or multiples.


Rates:$47 per night

$8 additional dogs


Deluxe- These indoor/outdoor runs measure 4' x 12' and come equipped with gradient heated floors and 3 foot high solid walls. A Kuranda elevated bed is available upon request. Ideal for the pampered pooch or two.

Rates: $36 per night

$8 additional dogs


Indoor Runs- Our large indoor runs measure 4' x 6'. Equipped with heated flooring and solid walls these runs are ideal for medium sized dogs, the senior dog or dogs who spend much of their time inside. Kuranda beds are provided.


Rates: $28 per night

$8 additional Dog


Indoor/Outdoor - These large indoor/outdoor runs are not heated but raised platforms or  kurandas, comfy blankets and rugs are available. Dogs are separated by chain link walls. An excellent choice for thicker coated dogs or dogs that like cooler temperatures and who don't mind seeing other dogs.


Rates $25 per night

$8 additional dog


Our little dog room -Houses small dogs under 25 lbs. Dogs are kept warm and cozy in a separate indoor crate with their very own fleece bed or blanket. All little dogs go out for playtime together unless otherwise requested .


Rates: $23 per night

$8 additional dogs


Long Term Boarding -Long term boarding (31 nights or more) is available at reduced rates. These rates may not be available during major holiday seasons and Summer.

One dog

Second dog (sharing)



$ 810








20% discount



We make every effort to accommodate your preferences. During summer, weekends and holidays it may not be possible. Deposits may be required in advance during peak season. We reserve the right to make accommodation changes if it is in the best interest of your pets.


New clients, please complete an Pet Profile. All reservations must be confirmed by phone with a one night deposit.

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