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The Kennels of Springdale
1731 Corbett Canyon Rd.

Arroyo Grande, CA 93420

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Bring your dog for a day of daycare. All dogs are assessed for socialness and assigned to a playgroup. Dogs who prefer their own company or that of humans will not go out with other dogs. If your dog is social they will spend part of the day in playgroups with compatible dogs. Dogs that are not neutered may not be allowed in playgroups depending on their behavior around neutered dogs. Our goal is to return them to you happy and tired!


DayCare is provided between 9:00 and 6:00. Early drop-off can be arranged. Shots are required.
Daily Rate (Mon-Fri): $19 per day, $8 second dog.

Weekend Rate: $30 per day, $8 second dog (Weekends may not be available during summer and holidays)


Daycare packages are available.  Packages do not expire but are not refundable or transferable to overnight boarding.

  • First Dog-20 visits $275, 5 visits-$76
  • Second Dog- 20 visits $160, 5 visits $40
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