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Dog Training

Offering obedience, confidence building, problem-solving, basic and intermediate training with certified trainers. All breeds welcome. All dogs are required to have updated verification of Rabies and Distemper. Bordatella is required to have been given within 6 months. Dogs attending group classes must be social enough to work in a group setting. We are positive trainers utilizing a non-punitive approach. Prong collars are not allowed. Reactive dogs should have individual lessons. Call the Kennel and talk to our trainer for more information.


The number one reason dogs are given-up is due to behavioral problems. Dogs adopted from rescues, animal control and humane societies receive 50% discount on Beginning Training if taken within one year of adoption and with proof of adoption.



Novice/Beginning Basics is for dogs who have not had training or need a review. The basics include loose leash walking, sit, stay, down, place, leave-it and distractions. Make-up classes are not available unless class is rained out but all classes may be repeated within one year at no charge. Trainer: Deborah Wilson

5 Sessions Begins:June 8 Saturday 6:10-7:00 p.m.

Cost: $99


Intermediate is for dogs who already can sit, stay, come but need to learn off leash control. Other commands include long & short-distance recall. Also included is an introduction to tricks. Completion of a beginning class is recommended.


6 Sessions Begins: To Be Scheduled.
Cost: $150

* Classes will be rescheduled if rains.


Private Lessons

  • Private sessions at your home. Cost $60-100 per hour.
  • Private sessions at The Kennel. Cost $50-60 per hour

Board and Train- Recommended for owners who have little time to train. Call for cost (plus boarding charge)


Refresher-While dog is boarding have trainer focus on 1-3 problem areas i.e. leash walking, jumping, recall for one daily session. Session is most effective if dog has completed a basic training class.         $20 per session (4 minimum sessions req'd)

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